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The Pro-ArthroStim® Instrument

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The exclusive cooling system Auto-Fan Option increases the number of techniques, and applications, the instrument can be used with.

Full Cushion Handle

and Comfort Trigger

This combination provides comfort and protection for the practitioner's hand.

Variable Amplitude Knob

A practitioner can customize the amplitude of the thrust to best match the needs of the application.

 Speed Switch: Custom OPTION

The Speed Switch Option enables a practitioner to instantly select various thrusting rates at the flip of a switch.

Spring Cushioned

Pressure Responsive Stylus

The spring cushioned action ensures comfort for the patient, and the practitioner. The pressure sensitive stylus enables a practitioner to instantly tailor the input for each individual. The 'Fast On-Off Friction-Fit' design allows a busy practitioner to quickly exchange Adaptors - without clips or locks.

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» IMPAC and Other Instruments Compared



  • 90 day satisfaction guarantee

  • 4 - YEAR Warranty

  • Factory Service available regardless

   of instrument age or ownership.

  •  Very Versatile - many applications

     - recommended by 20+ techniques

  • Greatest selection of tips

  • Customizable instrument

  • Upgradeable

  • Most ArthroStim instruments are

    still in the clinic after 20 years of use!

Other Instruments


  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee

  • 1 - 3 YEAR Warranty

  • Service often not available after

     the warranty period is up

  • Limited applications

  • Limited tip selection

  • Instrument is not Customizable

  • Exchangeable only

  • Other instruments don't compare



Dr. J. C.

 I never dreamed I would buy equipment, but this equipment is awesome! So many of us chiropractors get taken in but you have a several month guarantee. Already I'm thrilled with my results!



Neal Blaxberg, DC

My upper body is not hurting! I was so anxious about the first day and no experience. I had 75 people today, and I was expecting 50, but did more adjusting than otherwise and I did trigger point 15 to 30 seconds per point. I’ve got energy today at days end and my upper back doesn’t hurt. Only two people asked about manual.



Dr. M. G.

Just got the ArthroStim® four days ago- watched DVD to get a feel for the instrument, and have been "using it like a friend"- patients love it- phenomenal results- patients feeling better right off the table



Thomas Witwer, DC

 I am a doctor of Chiropractic in Ohio . I have been using the ArthroStim for over 5 years and love the results and the instrument. Both instruments have lasted for all these years...other instruments my friends are using have been replaced many times in a short period of time, but not my ArthroStims!!



Larry Mendelsberg, NJ

I just got the ArthroStim last week I thought it would have a big learning curve, but that’s not been the case. I’m ready for that VibraCussor.



Dr. W. C

I want to again thank you for giving to the chiropractic profession the best adjusting instrument ever built. The ArthroStim® is many steps ahead of the competition. Keep up the great work.



Dr. Chris Allen

Your equipment and your customer service is the best in the business.


Dr. Dean Brown

The ArthroStim instrument (our patients call it “Woody Woodpecker”) permits me to maintain the effectiveness of your adjustment while reducing the amount of force that is applied. This dynamic combination allows me to comfortably manage a wider range of conditions.

Even individuals who are larger and stronger (and may be difficult to adjust) can benefit from the “neurological assist" that the ArthroStim instrument provides.

I may use the ArthroStim by itself, or in combination with other adjusting methods, depending on the approach I feel is best for their specific case.



Greg Landau, DC

I think you’re at the forefront making great contributions to Chiropractic even as I listen here on the phone. When patients praise me, I tell them I could not have done it without you (IMPAC).



William C. Schafernack, DC

Your service is unparalleled in any medical equipment company I've ever dealt with in my 26 years or practice. Thank you again.

Lynn Pangurn, DC


I bought an ArthroStim from you a bit ago and I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE it.


My patients can feel the difference immediately and the adjustments are holding longer. Not to mention that it's a whole lot easier on me. I'm getting a 99% satisfaction rating from patients.

So thanks! I'm having fun with this.







I've always had a 'hands-on' practice. What do instruments have to offer that I can't do with my hands?


A practitioner's skilled-hands can do things that instruments cannot do. What instruments have to offer is that they can assist a practitioner's skilled-hands to deliver beneficial mechanical forces that would be difficult, or impossible, to produce on their own.


For example, the ArthroStim® instrument can produce a dozen spring-cushioned mini-toggle-recoil™ thrusts per second. Rapid, repetitive thrusting enables a practitioner to distribute the overall thrusting force over a series of thrusts. This helps to reduce the amount of peak force that would be required using a single thrust. This can be a great advantage for working with clients who are sensitive, or in pain.



There are several multiple-thrust instruments in the market place. Why should I choose the ArthroStim®?


Start with value. The basic Pro- ArthroStim® instrument offers features such as a full cushion hand-grip and comfort trigger; spring-cushioned thrust; EZ Quick-change adaptor design and the ability to instantly modify the thrusting force simply by changing your set-up pressure. This allows you to effortlessly customize the thrusting dynamics to meet the needs of each individual client. These features are not available on other instruments that cost several times more than the ArthroStim.


Next, versatility. The ArthroStim  offers optional features such as a multiple speed-select switch, which enables the instrument to thrust at several different rates, and a Rapid Flow fan. The Rapid Flow feature enables practitioners to extend the use of the ArthroStim to applications and procedures that can over-tax other instruments. Additionally, the ArthroStim line offers a more extensive selection of adaptors - for specialized applications - than any other instrument in the market place. It's no wonder that the ArthroStim is used in more offices than any other instrument of its kind.


Next, durability. The ArthroStim line is backed by the finest policy in the business. It comes with a 90-day, full-satisfaction, money -back guarantee. This is triple what many companies offer. It also comes with an outstanding 4-year warranty that covers both parts and labor. Once again, it's the best in the business.


After the warranty is up, IMPAC will continue to service the instrument (if necessary) for a nominal fee. Some ArthroStim instruments are  25+ years old and still in use. Service is typically completed within one working day after arriving at the factory. (NOTE: Some other companies also discontinue service for their instrument soon after the warranty period is up so It is important to clarify a company's continuing service policy before purchasing.)


One last consideration... the ArthroStim is manufactured by IMPAC, Inc. Speak with colleagues who have IMPAC instruments and compare their feedback with colleagues who have other instruments. Go on-line to read reviews  about IMPAC instruments - and the company itself.  You will discover that IMPAC has achieved the highest level of trust and satisfaction from practitioners for more than 3 decades.



I received basic training with instruments in school. What resources are available for additional education?


ArthroStim® kits come with a manual and an introductory DVD. The Technique Institute is an comprehensive educational resource for advanced instrument use. The www.TechniqueInstitute.com site contains  instructional DVDs, and lists seminars, which are available from practitioner instructors who specialize in various facets of instrument use.

 Pro-ArthroStim® KITS





If you have any questions OR if you have made up your mind GIVE US A CALL!

We will help you quickly complete your order:  email: edmiller@impacinc.net
1-800-569-8624 (w/in US); 1-503-581-3239



Auto - Cooling Feature (included)

Multiple  Speed-Switch Feature (included)

The COMPREHENSIVE KIT has everything that the BASIC KIT has,

PLUS all of the additional features and items that are check-marked.


If you have any questions OR if you have made up your mind GIVE US A CALL!

We will help you quickly complete your order:  email: edmiller@impacinc.net
1-800-569-8624 (w/in US); 1-503-581-3239

 ArthroStim® Accessories


  • » Single-Tip Sleeve Adaptors

    1. Flat


    2. Taper


    3. Ball


     4. 1" Foam


    5. Accutip

    6. Gliding 5/8'' Ball Tip

    7. Gliding 1"

     Ball Tip

    8. Rib


  • » Fork-Tip Sleeve Adaptors

    A. Extra



    B. Narrow


    With Flat Tips

    C. Wide

     Fork With Taper


    D. Narrow




    E. Wide





    F. Narrow Fork

    1" Foam


    G. Wide Fork

     1" Foam


  • » ArthroStim® Holders


    Shelf Bracket

    The WorkStation

    Carry Case



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