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The VibraCussor® Instrument

Changeable Heads:

The VibraCussor®  can be used with a wide variety of interchangeable heads (below).


Hand Strap


The adjustable hand-strap is attached to the VibraCussor® in a balanced manner - so a practitioner does not have to grasp the barrel of the instrument all day.

Power Switch

The 'bump' power switch permits 'hands-free' on/off operation.

 12 Speed Switch:

The VibraCussor®  has   12  speeds and numbered settings that add versatility and make it easier to replicate protocols.

Power Converter

The external power converter enables the VibraCussor® to  run cool all-day long.


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    If you have any questions OR if you have made up your mind GIVE US A CALL!

    We will help you quickly complete your order:  email: edmiller@impacinc.net
    1-800-569-8624 (w/in US); 1-503-581-3239


    The COMPREHENSIVE KIT has everything that the BASIC KIT has,

    PLUS all of the additional features and items that are check-marked.


    If you have any questions OR if you have made up your mind GIVE US A CALL!

    We will help you quickly complete your order: email: edmiller@impacinc.net
    1-800-569-8624 (w/in US); 1-503-581-3239

  • »Testimonials



    Paul G. Varnas, D.C., DACBN

    I have both a VibraCussor® and ArthroStim®. To say that these items transformed my practice would be the most extreme of understatements. They have improved results amazingly. I own instruments from another company but there is no comparison to the IMPAC product. It would be like comparing a KIA to a BMW.



    Dr. Steiner

    As a new student starting my first day with the VibraCussor and ArthroStim, these were miracles from the start. I ordered my second set within two weeks of practice. What a blessing to start my practice right on target… My husband steals my instruments all too often.



    Russell Harward, DC

    I have been an instrument adjuster for 24 years and have been using the Arthrostim and Vibracusser for the last 3. They are by far the most effective, most durable and user friendly tools I have employed. I also appreciate the education and great customer service



    Dear Ed,

    I’ve been meaning to write this letter for a long time, and the longer its been, the more impressed I’ve been with my ArthroStim and VibraCussor.

    I have found them invaluable for everything from adjusting osseous areas to trigger point work to acupressure stimulation to scar rehabilitation.

    In the five years I’ve been using them, I’ve had zero maintenance problems, and I use them all day long.

    Thanks for building such great clinical equipment and making my life easier.

    Please feel free to reprint all or part of this letter as a testimonial, you’ve earned it.

    Thanks and best wishes



    Anthony Schneider, DC

    Thank you for such prompt service. Thank you for the upgrades. You are definitely the best equipment company in our profession!



    John K. Moore D.C., C.C.N., C.C.S.P. Chairman ICAK Sports & Fitness Council

    I wanted to write you a letter to let you know how valuable I found the Impac percussor to be in my work with the US Olympic Woman’s Swim Team. I have used an Impac percussor for a couple years in my office but this is the first time I took it “on the road”. I brought it along to the US Olympic swim Trials in Indianapolis and then on the Olympic games in Sydney.

    Six of my patients made it to the Olympic games for swimming (5 US team and 1 Trinidad) and at the request of the head coach I traveled to Sydney for two weeks to work with the team. I found the percussor to be extremely valuable in releasing facial and muscular restrictions that are commonplace in competitive athletes. Several of the swimmers I treated (as well as 1 athlete from Judo) were unfamiliar with the tool. After working on them for just a few minutes they became instantly aware of what a powerful tool it is. It worked especially great on releasing diaphragmatic restrictions to enhance breathing.

    Many elite athletes have benefited from percussion in my office and now every time I travel to big sporting events I will be bringing the Impac Percussor along with me. Thanks for designing such a wonderful instrument.



    Wholistic Health Solutions Staff

    The VibraCussor by IMPAC Inc. has proven to be the best instrument of its kind that is, we have seen nothing better in the entire field, and at a very reasonable price. It provides an excellent way for a practitioner to “leverage to the max” their quality time with the client, while at the same time minimizing the “wear and tear” to their own body.

    The number of applications is seemingly endless because of the many adaptors, and various calibrations, that come with the device. The entire unit is obviously built to last a long time, so one not be concerned about any product down time or invoking the warranty.

    The versatility of the VibraCussor is particularly impressive. Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Osteopath, Massage Therapist, or any other Bodyworker would be well served by adding this modality to their repertoire. It will enable them to greatly facilitate the healing process for many, thereby significantly contributing to client satisfaction because of the extraordinary results.

    The training program and technical service provided by IMPAC are exceptional by any standards, and will guarantee that any practitioner will be well trained, and well equipped, to properly employ the device in any circumstances. The entire company goes way beyond what any customer would ordinarily expect regarding any issues or challenges that might arise.



    Dr. Ross Jacobson

    Thank you for the good service and turn around time!


  • »FAQs

    I'm already skilled in multiple types of soft tissue work. What can the VibraCussor® 'bring to the table'?


    It depends on the practitioner. The greater skill-set a practitioner has, the more a VibraCussor has to offer. Generally speaking, the VibraCussor® can help a practitioner to produce desired results more quickly while using less effort.



    I've developed an awareness and sensitivity in my hands that no device can match. I don't want to reduce my ability to sense tissue changes by placing a machine between my hands and the area I'm working on. How can a VibraCussor® address this concern?


    Great question! Many practitioners initially have this concern. The fact of the matter is that no device can sense subtle changes in tissues like a skilled practitioner can. It's also a fact that the ability to sense tactile information does not stop at a practitioner's hands. Most practitioners find it is quite easy to sense many types of tissue changes right through the VibraCussor* while they are working on an area. Naturally, a practitioner can always follow-up with a hands-only assessment and 'fine-tuning' after big tissue changes have been made.


    When a practitioner uses this synergistic approach, the VibraCussor does not conflict, or compete, with what skilled hands do best. To the contrary, the VibraCussor helps a practitioner quickly produce large/ gross tissue changes - so more time and energy can be reserved for the subtle tissue refinement procedures, which is what skilled hands are truly best at doing.



     *Just like you are able to  sense the surface of the road your driving on through the steering wheel.

VibraCussor® Accessories

  • » Standard Heads

    a. Firm Cushion

         6 cm

    b. Soft Cushion

         6 cm

    c. Round Nose

    d. Digital

         & 3 Tips

  • » Specialized Heads

    a. Tough Skin

    b. Expediency


    c. ParaSpinal


    d. The Therapy Edge

    127 mm  X  140 mm high

  • » VibraCussor® Holders

    VibraCussor® Shelf Bracket

    Carry Case

    The  WorkStation

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